You know it’s late in the game when the global elites have established a full court press.  Growing up in northern reaches of Appalachia most of the school gymnasiums dated from the Works Progress Administration.  These were tiny bandboxes where a player stepping out-of-bounds would end up on your lap.  Woe betide the school visiting from outside the region with plans to defeat the farm boys with speed and quickness.  The full court press would simply bottle them up and leave them frustrated.  It was a great equalizer on the small courts and didn’t just negate speed but suffocated the fast game.

As I’ve watched the European migrant crisis develop I get a similar impression.  Europe is on the balls of its continental feet as waves of Arabs, Africans and Asians come forward like a relentless army.  This is a crisis of such proportions it will topple governments and economies.  With the spigot open I’m not sure anyone can bring it to a stop and certainly reversing it would only inflame the global elites behind the effort.  They’ve been granted cover to this point because they’ve got a firm grip on European media.

James Bond is a fictional character and can’t stop the menace.  The closest thing Britain has is Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom Independence Party or UKIP as it’s known.  Farage spoke last week about the debacle and reminded his audience there is an effort to muddle the definitions of refugee and migrant.  He then continued his assault on Europe’s feckless governments from his seat at the European Parliament in Brussels.  Churchill was issuing similar warnings in the 1930s and went ignored until his country was at the edge of collapse.

What I find even more annoying is this general refusal to see the truth among the useful idiots in news media.  Not only in Europe but as well the United States.  The Daily Caller explains there is the occasional grudging admission from unlikely places like the Wall Street Journal.  Ten years ago a content analysis of America’s leading newspapers concluded the Journal was the most liberal in its reporting.  Some were surprised but the newspaper of American business isn’t conservative but capitalist.  The readers are people who make money.  A great deal of money and they’re convinced it’s good for all of us or if not then good for them surely will suffice.  The Journal’s opinion pages have hosted calls for a nationalized (single payer) health care system and open borders.  Now the editorialists are shocked by the scenes of anarchy from Europe and, yet.  It’s their counterparts at Davos and Bohemian Grove who’ve unleashed this virus.  The contagion once released isn’t easy to stop.  Human folly again believes it can control forces of nature and the swarms pouring into Europe are just such a storm.

Coming to a neighborhood near you!  This is Josh Ernest speaking at a White House briefing.  President Obama may once again rule-by-fiat and open the doors to the non-vetted and potentially dangerous hordes from the Third World.  As my current city is already Ground Zero in this effort I’m losing hope we can do anything but throw up barricades on the highways.  Pat Buchanan has been predicting all of this in books and newspaper columns for decades.  It got him bounced from one network, dropped by some papers and labeled a racist by the elites.  Prophets are often scorned.

A Buchanan Washington contemporary also happens to be one of my close friends.  He’s a retired Air Force Colonel who served in the Reagan White House and was a close confidant of the first President Bush.  A true gentleman the Colonel entered retirement well more than 25-years-ago with expectations of relaxing, walking beaches and spending quality time with grandchildren.  He was once a Democrat, then a Republican and now has no party affiliation.  His friends come from several ethnic backgrounds.  We’ve sipped coffee together many mornings at favorite diners and even shared colder adult beverages.  He’s open minded, genuine and has no racial antipathy.  Yesterday I received this message from him.  He has become an avid blogger.  Remember, this is a respected elder and once a Washington insider.  The words are his entirely and not mine and I caution you he is angry and dismayed and his words may offend fellow travelers:


American heroes are fed up! Courtesy, Bill Colley
American heroes are fed up! Courtesy, Bill Colley

RUMINATIONS - by the Yankee Sky Dog
No Food. No Water. No Asylum.

Every day now more and more hordes of Muslim immigrants are over running Europe. But what is even more disturbing to read and see is that they are rioting and attacking the host county's police... and the ultimate disgrace, rejecting or throwing away food and water provided by the Red Cross. And why, because the containers have the unholy, Infidel Red Cross inscribed on them.
So, to my way of thinking, when the Muslims react in this way to charitable, compassionate non-Muslims, they lose all rights to their status as oppressed and needful human beings. They are now in essence the oppressors of the country in which they seek asylum. They become what, for some reason, the world doesn't want to see in Muslims, sub-human demented religious fanatics. They are genetically bred with the annihilate all non-Muslims gene.
I am reluctant to even give Islam the status of a religion. The evil and maniacal tenants of Islam far outweigh those of their so called peaceful religion. Why should we as Americans and the rest of the Non-Muslim countries of the world be concerned about the plight of a people who wish death to America and Israel in particular, and all infidels in general? Why, as they demand, should Muslims be given the right to practice Sharia law as an adjunct to a nation's prevailing legal system? And why should any country or institution feel compelled to exclude certain words, i.e. pork, or remove certain long standing pictures and icons or foods from their menus or school cafeterias because they offend Muslims?
But when you really think about it, before Barack HUSSEIN Obama ascended to the Presidency, Islam was barely in the thoughts or minds of most Americans. Only in the six and a half years of Obama's reign has Islam become an ever growing internal religious and political force, and an increasing internal security threat to America, and the world.


Good people are being driven to rage and the elites wonder how Farage and Donald Trump manage to attract large followings.  Again, the globalists have lost control.  The meltdown is burning everyone.

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