HAMER, Idaho (KLIX)-State wildlife managers say another group of pronghorn were hit by a train late last week in eastern Idaho.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game said the group of about 32 animals were hit on Friday Feb. 14 near the small community of Hamer, five of the pronghorn had to be put down. Staff had discovered the pronghorn Friday morning while searching for pronghorn that had been reported stuck in a fence the night before. All meat that was salvageable is being given to area needy families.

Fish and Game said in an earlier statement 64 pronghorn had been hit on Feb. 3 by a train in the same area. A relatively small group of elk were also hit on Feb. 9 by a train in Bear Lake County. Fish and Game said the pronghorn are getting caught between the interstate in the area and the railroad tracks that run parallel. Officials have said the snow in the area has also contributed to the pronghorn congregating on the tracks where the snow is not as deep. Fish and Game said they are working with the railroad to mitigate the situation.

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