Elizabeth Warren is as much Cherokee as I’m a Martian.  Her fellow travelers in media won’t bring her to task for making the claim in order to land a prestigious gig at Harvard University.  They also won’t tell you she made a fortune (9 million dollars) flipping foreclosed homes, after all.  She’s the champion of the little guy.  Those same Democrat campaign appendages in media are now demanding conservative radio talk show host Howie Carr apologize for mocking the lying professor.  Carr, based in Boston, did a war-whoop when mentioning Warren at a rally for Donald Trump.  You can read about it here and actually see video of the “offense”.

Donald Trump cap. Courtesy, official Trump campaign website.
Donald Trump cap. Courtesy, official Trump campaign website.

The Morning Joe crowd, mostly plagiarists, homosexuals and whiners, are making demands for Carr and Trump to grovel because apparently it’s insensitive.  Good golly, when Jane Fonda’s husband owned the Atlanta Braves you could often see Hanoi Jane doing the Tomahawk Chop at ballgames.  At Florida State football games tens-of-thousands break into a fictional Seminole war cry.  At Minnesota Vikings games there are obscure chants from some Norse language.

Seriously, are indigenous people clutching their chests and collapsing when they see the Carr video?  Is anyone physically harmed?  And liberals wonder why so many of us think they’re dumb asses!

Mika Brzezinski must have heard her share of Polish jokes growing up and she looks like she’s fine.  Get a life, people!

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