“That’s not the kind of people we are!” is a persistent whine from the American left.  When they say “we” they presume their views represent everyone or should because the left is, well, you know, superior in compassion and morality (unless you’re a baby in a womb).  The latest ruckus centers on Donald Trump.  Oh, right, what a shock!

As you can see from this link at the Washington Post the candidate is one of few covered by establishment media where the press doesn’t have to manufacture controversy.  A few basics about what Trump is saying and I’ll assume all those lefties who believe they’re the smartest people in any room will see the logic.

The nation is at war.  The country has been at war for 14 years and probably longer.  You can argue about causes and as an old devotee of Ron Paul I do suspect there’s some truth to an argument that maintains we don’t need to have bases all over the world.  On the flip side the creature comforts enjoyed by most liberals stem from an American footprint on every continent and ocean.    I don’t believe terrorists want to come here and destroy us because some of us wear skimpy swimsuits (and shouldn’t in many cases because we violate the scenery), go to peep shows and support Hollywood excess with our movie going dollars.  They don’t want us bringing it to where they live and I think some around the world find what they view as cultural pollution a greater threat than a U.S. airbase, although.  Fast food, skimpy clothes and wine-sipping are unintended projections of our culture and the oafs attacking us don’t believe their own people should have a choice of “taking it or leaving it” and insist on burning, beheading or stoning those exercising liberty.  These are bad dudes and now some are taking the war to a new front.  The local American office park.

During World War Two I don’t believe many Germans or Japanese were allowed to emigrate to the USA.  Not to say they were all bad people but how could you tell the difference between a political refugee and a saboteur?  Donald Trump’s Trojan horse analogy makes complete sense.  For the duration of this war we need to end immigration from people who could likely sympathize with our enemy.  Since the bad guys aren’t a recognized state then we need to take extra special care in closing the protective gates.  I’m not sure I agree with Trump when it comes to barring Muslim American citizens who’ve traveled abroad from returning, however.  If these people are naturalized and there exists evidence they’ve been playing footsie with an enemy then citizenship is revoked and the offender is banished or pays a heavier price for treason.  As for Muslims with birthright citizenship who sell out their country then they also get the heavier price.  Before you lefties gnash your teeth and wail your fellow traveler in the White House has already charged some of the traitors the highest cost and cashed them out with drone strikes.

I think it’s time for the embedded traitors among the left, the media and in the Democrat Party to shut your mouths and get behind your country.  Losing this war isn’t an option.  Donald Trump may appear uncouth but he understands losing brings a high price for the vanquished and he chooses national and cultural survival.

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