Hunting Lodge In Northern Nevada Mountains Is Dreamy
I love looking at real estate. But, my searches normally are focused on Southern Idaho and sometimes up near Stanley, just for fun. On a whim, I decided to look in Northern Nevada and came across a sweet hunting lodge that just might make you drool a little bit.
Study Claims Idaho Has Less Powerful Voters
Studies like this make you question why Presidents are decided by the Electoral College. You would like to think that everyone's vote counts the same, no matter what state they live in. Unfortunately, that's not the way it work and it translates into a belief that votes in Idaho don't…
Books for Idaho & America
I used to own several thousand books.  I would pick them up at library and yard sales, used book stores and hundreds were inherited from a grandmother.
Illegal Aliens & Violent Crime (Opinion)
No, illegal aliens are not boosting the U.S. economy!  Two weeks ago economist Peter Morici compiled figures on the actual costs of illegal aliens and refugees and shared we’re being sold a bill of goods by businesses.  The newcomers are usually a burden for several generat…
The Hillary & Lester Holt Debate Conspiracy (Opinion)
A woman once stopped me during a remote broadcast and told me we had met at her church some years before.  I expected a pleasant conversation when she blurted out, “I find you depressing!”  When I asked why she shared, it’s because I&CloseCurlyQu…

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