The Hillary & Lester Holt Debate Conspiracy (Opinion)
A woman once stopped me during a remote broadcast and told me we had met at her church some years before.  I expected a pleasant conversation when she blurted out, “I find you depressing!”  When I asked why she shared, it’s because I&CloseCurlyQu…
Idaho Student Debt Isn’t Pretty
Got debt?  Over the weekend, a writer for the Boston Globe’s Sunday magazine warned the college debt bomb is far more serious than anyone realizes and threatens the future of entire generations of Americans.  Debt isn’t threatening every corner of the countr…
A 3.9 Quake Just Happened South Of Elko
The USGS is reporting that a 3.9 earthquake hit today just south of Elko, Nevada. Granted, a 3.9 isn't the type of quake you see making California fall into the ocean in the movies. But, it's big enough that it makes you pay attention.

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