The fellas over at the mainstream media continue to peddle a myth that all Americans are victims.  Up early this morning I clicked on the Drudge Report and found a link from the Marxist New York Times, the bible of academic and American elitist liberalism.  A writer is discussing the confusion over the rise of Donald Trump and dismisses it as “personality”.  That Trump leads even among women is more confusing to the cabernet sipping set at the Times, The writer says the Donald has called them “fat pigs”.  O.K., I know facts shouldn’t get in the way of a newspaper story but the only woman Trump publicly called a “fat pig” is Rosie O’Donnell.  Pig is a subjective judgment but fat is the truth.

Newspapers don't run the country! Courtesy, iStock
Newspapers don't run the country! Courtesy, iStock

It doesn’t matter I despise Rosie and am also fat.  My girth doesn’t make the comedian slender.  As for being labeled a pig I’m sure a great many Americans have even more unflattering things to say about Ms. O’Donnell.  Many blame her kind (liberals and not what you may be thinking, although…) for a great many of the nation’s ills.

The writer at the newspaper makes reference to Mr. Trump’s often “offensive” comments, however.  Offensive to whom?  The writer?  The paper’s leftist editors?  The effete journalists associate with while assuming a majority of Americans must also be whining pantywaists?

A couple of years ago a talented football player was forced to suspend his career for supposedly offending a teammate who apparently didn’t even belong in the National Football League.  Richie Incognito is finally freed from the doghouse and playing for Buffalo.  As a native Western New Yorker let me tell you something:  The fact Incognito talks like a football player only makes him more popular among the Bills fan base, which is comprised of bartenders, dairy farmers and the children of a once great steel making empire.  I now live on the opposite end of the country but when I drove here I took my meals in roadside diners.  Reporters rush breathlessly into diners just before caucuses and primaries and cherry pick until they find someone they believe gives the story the media wants.  The old lonely school marm tells the Times men like Donald Trump were disruptive in class and didn’t give the old spinster any respect.  Then the media rushes off to tell the rest of us what “America thinks!”

Have none of these newspaper pantywaists ever spent any formative years in football locker rooms, neighborhood taverns or coffee shops?  And we’re not talking about parachuting in for a day.  A powerful local Republican told me the day Trump announced he didn’t expect the candidate would stick around long.  When I mentioned the Rosie O’Donnell flap the powerful party boss, not a Trump fan, smiled.  “Oh, that won’t hurt him with Republicans!” I was told.

Despite efforts to feminize the culture in recent decades and to brainwash schoolchildren and define deviancy down I still don’t believe this is a nation of shrinking violets.

The writer at the Times continually weaves a narrative only Trump can get away with what he says.  I disagree.  The others grovel.  Most already have with perhaps the exceptions of Cruz, Jindal and possibly Paul.  Once you’ve been compromised by “sorry” you’ve lost the regulars.  They don’t do weak.  For all the so called brain power seeking political office why is it so often willing to pay public relations firms to pen apologies.  “I understand my statements were hurtful to some and I am deeply sorry for anyone offended.  I want you to understand, a momentary lapse on my part simply is not me.  Those who know my character…

Enough!!!  Fire the P.R. goons and grow a set.  Next time media demands you crawl on the floor try something that works for the Donald.  Look at them and say, “Get bent!”

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