A great many people working in news media are likely aware they aren’t the most popular people on the streets.  Sometimes it’s because they’ve had to report bad news but I think a culture has also developed in media where reporters and editors believe they’re members of the intelligentsia.  Perhaps some are but just because you interview a cancer doctor or rocket scientist doesn’t make you a genius through osmosis.  And it isn’t a reporter’s job to save me from my own political choices.  On average our craniums are the same size.  Some in news media are infuriated Donald Trump is so willing to challenge their approach to their work.  They deny bias but this week we need not look beyond Katie Couric to cite examples of media behaving badly.

Trump is right when he says Hillary Clinton doesn’t get the same scrutiny.  Since leaving the State Department the woman has been for sale.  Clinton has collected hundreds of millions of dollars in what amounts to legalized bribery.  If it’s legal.  Also compare he e-mail struggles to coverage of Richard Nixon a generation ago and you understand she doesn’t get the same heat a Republican would receive in a scandal.  Nixon didn’t endanger national security.  He was trying to save the country from being burned to the ground by rabid hippies and campus lefties.

I’m reminded news media had to be dragged kicking and screaming to challenge fellow traveler John Edwards and Barack Obama certainly has been given a pass.  His associations and past travel itineraries have been off limits because media believes Obama had to associate with domestic terrorists and media believes the terrorists are right.  Today I spent a few minutes discussing Trump’s dismemberment of the news gathering gang.  The video presentation is below:

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