I don’t think it’s racist to state the northern hemisphere is being overrun by immigrants.  Both legal and illegal.  I’ve been reading books and columns by former Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan for many years and he has been predicting the demographic shift.  One potentially preventable if governments respected their own borders.  Buchanan is often dismissed by the globalists on both left and right as a racist, however.  Stating the southern peoples are coming north is a fact.  Empirical knowledge is gained through the senses and we can clearly observe the hordes coming north.

This video is making the rounds of Facebook.  Arab and likely mostly Muslim refugees are pouring into Southern Europe.  The Greeks are barely able to feed themselves much less the raging river of refugees.  And yet they keep coming.  They’re passing through Islamic Turkey and heading for the heart of Christian Europe.  Turkey and other prosperous Muslim nations apparently want nothing to do with passages from the Koran urging hospitality for their co-religionists.  During the Great Depression migrants from Oklahoma were turned away from many towns already hemorrhaging from ravages of economic disaster and drought.  We’re seeing much the same today.

In just a little more than a month my current hometown of Twin Falls, Idaho is expecting 300 Syrian and likely Muslim refugees.  A writer last week in Virginia said his state should expect up to 65-thousand.

The men and women promoting these great waves of migration insist it’s the right thing to do and question the humanity of anyone who would differ and, yet.  The world economy has never recovered from the shock of 2008 and in fact any current growth is constructed on credit.  To the tune of 60 trillion dollars or more of debt worldwide.  Interest rates have effectively been zero for nearly a decade.  Shipping rates are plummeting as demand sinks.  These aren’t signs of an improving economy no matter what the globalists argue.  The smarmies at my local newspaper are crowing about the invasion of a small neighboring town by Mexican immigrants.  Not once did the reporters ask if the Latin invasion was legal.  The overwhelmed school district and the local police are struggling and still the story is sold to the public as if the migrants are changing the community for the better.  A friend who called the same town home and grew up there bemoans how the downtown now resembles the squalid streets of Tijuana.

Migrants cross the southwestern desert. Courtesy, John Moore, Getty Images
Migrants cross the southwestern desert. Courtesy, John Moore, Getty Images

Are liberals, globalists and fellow travelers in news media blind, smoking dope or engaging in a perfidious conspiracy to destroy a culture they hate?  Appearing yesterday on ABC’s This Week the Governor of Louisiana received a hostile welcome from the host.  Governor Bobby Jindal is the son of highly skilled professionals and immigrants from India who came to the United States legally.  He opposes the hordes of Latin America washing across the USA.  Jindal was asked at this link if he intended to imply other cultures weren’t up to par with ours.  In liberal la-la land all cultures are equal.  It’s why a Green Beret is punished for smacking an Afghan man who molests little boys.

How much longer can the leftist conspiracy continue?  The rise of Donald Trump, even if a summer fling, shows the disgust of the American public.  Historian and author Victor David Hanson writes at PJ Media the jig may finally be up but I wonder if we’re too late and 90 yards from the end zone with just seconds left on the clock.  There are people in government we trusted and who made us promises and then voided their oaths.  What’s to become of them?  If the angry American masses reach a breakpoint and move on their own to remedy the Third World migration will the government elites move to crush their constituency?  From the perspective of many a globalist it’s your well-earned comeuppance.

There will be war.  It may be nation-against-nation or internal conflict or a combination of both.  Just remember, the people flooding Europe may be desperate but also many may have another motive.  They desire the final battle between their faith, which doubles as law, and the more placid approach of the decadent and sleepy west.

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