Washington State

More Zika Cases Reported To The West Of Idaho
We heard a lot about the Zika virus earlier this year. The fact that it's not in the news much right now doesn't mean it doesn't affect our area. In fact, the updated Zika case map shows that there are an increase of instances to the west of Idaho.
Having a Baby? Drive to Oregon
Looking to have a child in a safe place?  Then, leave Idaho and travel to one of the northern coasts.  WalletHub has compiled a list of best and worst states to have a baby.  Much of New England, Oregon and Washington State are in the top 10.  Idaho places a fair #20.
Watch Out For The Dog Flu In Idaho
If you're a dog owner, there's no reason to be worried - yet. But, be aware that the dog flu has been reported in Washington state and also Montana. And, this strain of the dog flu is very contagious.

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